Spring Garden Tidy Up

DaffodilsIn the Spring Garden there are a few jobs for me to do this week. These would usually be jobs for May but the late spring here has delayed flowering.

The daffodils have finished flowering, keeled over and are finally beginning to turn yellow, a sure sign that all the nutrients from the leaves have returned to the bulb and it’s time to cut them back.

I’m always itching to tidy them up as soon as the flowers have finished but that’s a mistake. I’ve learned to ignore the dying foliage for a good six weeks. I’ve planted hostas and ferns next to them so that their new growth covers the daffodils whilst they go through this ugly phase. That’s quite successful but there are a few gaps to deal with now.

Faded Daffodils

Faded Daffodils 02

The primroses are over now too. Any big clumps can be lifted and divided then replanted. I’m collecting the fresh green seed too. At first glance you would think that there are no seed heads left on these plants but lift up the leaves and have a look underneath there are hundreds of seed capsules containing tiny green seeds.

Faded Primroses

Primula Seed 01

It’s best to sow them immediately… don’t dry them for use later on. These are Primula vulgaris, the native British primrose and I propagate them each year so that there are a few more plants for my own garden and plenty to give away to family and friends.

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