Free Wildflower Seeds

Wildflower-ThumbnailDid you know that British wild flowers are in danger of extinction?  In the past 70 years we have lost 97% of our wild flower meadows. This loss has changed the look of the British countryside… it’s still green but not half as colourful as it used to be!

The bad news is that losing most of our wild flower meadows has also affected our insects, birds and small mammals. They need pollen, nectar, seeds and leaves to provide them with food and shelter. Without the wild flowers some of our beautiful wild insects and tiny creatures simply can’t survive. And that affects everything.

Wildflower-MeadowThe good news is that we can reverse the situation by planting the wild flowers that our wild creatures need.
Do you want to do something to help out?
Would you like some free wild flower seeds?

Kew Gardens has joined forces with the Big Lottery Fund to provide free seeds to help get our wild flowers going again.
Their aim is to turn unloved spaces into wildlife friendly havens.

The GROW WILD UK scheme has 120,000 free seed kits.
There’s an application form on their website and anyone can apply… individuals, organisations, community groups and schools.
Each kit has seeds for 5 people and will cover at least 10 square metres. Groups can apply for up to 20 seed kits and they will be sent out early in 2015.


Many British wild flowers are annuals. They grow, flower, set seed then die in the same year. If you’ve never grown them before I can thoroughly recommend them. They are really easy to grow and often flower just 10 to 12 weeks after sowing. Results are fast so they are brilliant for new gardeners and even small children to grow. You can’t go wrong with these flowers!

For more information on growing wild flowers click the photo.
Wildflowers Featured Image

What’s your favourite British wild flower?
Happy Gardening. Gillian 🙂

5 thoughts on “Free Wildflower Seeds

  1. My favourite has to be the poppy. It is great to see more verges now with wild flowers sown on them. I think people are beginning to get the message – well councils are anyway.


    1. I love poppies too. Here some grass verges are mown near the road with a wide strip left at the back for wild flowers to grow. I much prefer the natural look but I know many people prefer to see neat and tidy public areas with short grass.


  2. May I use your wild flower as my header photo on my blog till I am able to take a wildflower photo from my own garden this summer?


    1. You are most welcome to use a photo. Let me know if the one you want is not big enough for your header and I will send you a larger version.
      Good luck with your new venture!


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