Summer 2014 Revisited

Marigold FlowerThere’s something about a cold and windy December day that makes me yearn for a few rays of sunshine. I’ve been looking at summer photos today and that brief glimpse into the recent past inspired me to make photo collages for June, July and August.

When it’s grey and dismal outside I need something to remind me how beautiful the garden can look when the sun shines!

June PNG

The pastel shades of the June flowers soon merge into bolder colours in July and August. It’s not just the flowers that are missing now… the bees and butterflies have all gone too. I know they’ll all be back next year and in the meantime I’m making the most of winter.


I’ve just picked out a few pictures of some star plants for each month. It’s amazing how every month in the garden has such a distinctive look and atmosphere.

August Flowers

If you’d like to see some more summer gardens then take a look at Cathy’s blog  Words and Herbs.

If you love country gardens then I hope that you enjoyed this.
I appreciate your comments and I will try to answer all your questions. Thanks for visiting.


Hope to see you again soon.    Gillian 😉

5 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Revisited

  1. Your collages are lovely Gillian! I’m so pleased you joined in – it is doing me good seeing other people’s photos full of colour and light and your photos are an absolute delight! 🙂


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