Monday Flowers

Shades-of-Orange (2) - CopyI picked a very tasteful bunch of flowers today. Just marigolds, roses and honeysuckle. I’m drawn to bright colours and I don’t often do tasteful so I just couldn’t resist adding a couple of orange poppies and a few springs of orangey-red honeysuckle.

Shades-of-Orange (2)

This summer I’ve growing lots of annuals from seed and I’m loving the marigolds. And so are the bees! There are flowers in every shade of orange and yellow. They all seem to start off quite dark in bud then gradually turn paler as the blooms fade. More about them on Friday but in the meantime here’s a taste of what’s to come.


I’m linking with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden today.
You can see her red hot flowers and there are links to other gardeners too.

26 thoughts on “Monday Flowers

  1. This looks good enough to eat. Your colour and flower combinations are inspired, I would never have thought to combine roses, calendula and honeysuckle but they’re gorgeous together.


    1. The roses are Sweet Dreams or Sweet Memories. I have them both, one is slightly more creamy than the other. Sorry to be vague but I took the labels off too soon I think!


  2. The roses are in my favourite shade and look fantastic with your other flowers. My marigolds are just starting to flower, but I think the honeysuckle is all over already. Thank you for sharing your lovely vase!


  3. lovely flowers – my honeysuckle is about to flower – I love its scent. I haven’t had much luck with seeds this year (only got a small windowsill to get things going) I’ve got orange and yellow this week too though most of the rest of the flowers in my garden are pinks, purples and reds at the moment so I expect they’ll feature next week… have a lovely week love bec xx


      1. I have yellow ones all over my garden, but must get some orange ones too. I always admire Christina’s orange poppies on her slope in Italy.


  4. Beautiful! I don’t know if you were really poking fun at yourself, but “tasteful” is exactly what you have done BY ADDING in the orange bits! That’s what makes something so far from ordinary and really artful…gorgeous!


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