End of the Month View

The Spring Garden feels lush and green despite the heat. It is almost completely shaded now by mature trees in full leaf. The bright young things of spring are long gone but there are still one or two delights to enjoy…

At the south west edge of the Spring Garden there’s an old oak tree and my garden studio. Ten years ago I planted a rambling rose Rosa Pauls Himalayan Musk to grow up the oak tree.  It has taken it’s time to establish but now it’s climbing high into the tree to reach the light. Apparently this rose will climb to 30 feet or more.

Here in the UK June is the month for roses to bloom… this particular rose is a little late this year. It has just come into flower at the end of June sending a few arching sprays down to eye level.


Pauls Himalayan Musk Rose has double flowers produced on twiggy open sprays. They are palest pink fading to white on opening. Like most ramblers it flowers only once each year for a few short weeks. It’s so worth it though! It has a delicious musky scent and is easy to look after.


The verandah of my garden studio in the cool shade of the trees is a perfect place to rest and condition some of the flowers I’ve cut for tomorrow.


I’m joining in with Helen at Patient Gardener today for the End of the Month View of my Spring Garden. If you’d like to see lots more private gardens and how they’re looking right now then why not pop over to her blog?

Happy Gardening!                                    Poppies & Grass Gill

4 thoughts on “End of the Month View

    1. Thanks, I love my studio too! None of my climbers or ramblers have been very fast growers I must say. They have taken years to get going but at last they are making headway.


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