Malva and Mint

A tall white vase calls for a simple bunch of flowers today.
Malva zebrina is one of the tallest annual flowers I’ve grown this year.
These plants could probably stand alone but I’ve added some mint for it’s fresh green foliage and zingy scent.


You may notice that the stems are contorted… I like a more natural looking arrangement so chose these deliberately. It’s quite easy to produce straight stems by staking if you prefer your flowers to have a more uniform look. Here are my plants growing in the garden with Feverfew and Black Cornflowers without rigid stakes.

Malva zebrina



Indoors even the fading flowers look beautiful on this plant. They turn a lovely lavender shade. I’m joining in with Cathy’s special Monday cut flower event today. You can see more beautiful flowers at Rambling in the Garden. Why not join in or at least pop along for a look.

Thanks for reading.              Gillian 🙂

12 thoughts on “Malva and Mint

    1. When you cut the tall stems strip the bottom half of leaves and stand in a tall narrow vase full of cold water for a good few hours, then you can arrange it with your flowers. I grow lots of mint, all different types. Some are better for cutting than others. A new one for me this year is Lime mint mmmmm!


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