Wildlife Wednesday

Bee-03We found a bundle of letters with a note on our back doorstep a couple of days ago.

This is what it said…

There are too many bees on the plants in your front garden.

Here are some of our bees.




When I photographed them they seemed more intent on collecting pollen rather than attacking postmen or anyone else for that matter.

I’m joining in with Tina at My Gardener Says for Wildlife Wednesday today.
Why not pop along for a look at some simply amazing wildlife that bloggers around the world have photographed.
Everyone is welcome to join in.

Happy Wildlife Wednesday everyone.      Gillian  🙂


27 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday

  1. I can’t imagine anyone complaining that you have too many bees. Well, sadly, I can. But I’m glad you took in stride and here’s to bees!! Beautiful photos , especially the close-up with the pollen. Just, wow!! So glad you joined in Gillian–what a treat!


  2. I love all sorts of insects and wildlife in the garden. If the bees are foraging and not swarming or stinging, it is just perfect. They are wonderful to watch. Maybe the postman meant it as a compliment. I photographed Holly Blue Butterflies in my garden this week.


      1. Yes thanks, but a busy one. We had my son, his wife and baby (8 months) staying with us for four months. We also had my other son and family (two girls aged 4 and 18 months) visiting for a fortnight. It was lovely, but it is very quiet now they have all gone.

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