Cotinus coggygria

After the rain the sun came out.


I was so lucky to spot this hedge in a nearby garden just at the right moment. A few minutes later the rain drops evaporated.


For a few magical moments these plants were stars.   Gillian 🙂

12 thoughts on “Cotinus coggygria

  1. This is the time of the year for peering into other people’s front gardens…took some Echeveria elegans to a friend yesterday and spied some Stachys byzantine in her front garden. Looking forward to Izzi searching for Bunny Ears in the garden next year! Continus is such a splendid plant, and you have captured the rain drops beautifully.


    1. Thanks Noelle. I do enjoy looking at what else is growing in neighbouring gardens and even on roundabouts and roadsides. Sometimes I have to stop the car I’m so amazed by what I’ve seen as I drive by.


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