Top Five Flowers for Autumn

I read a post on Pickin’ Petals Flower Farm blog which offered suggestions for THE TOP FIVE FLOWERS to grow if you want to start a cutting garden. Now Pickin’ Petals is based in Kentucky USA which is a couple of states south and west of New York State. (Think midway between the Great Lakes and Florida) The climate in Kentucky is very different to ours here in the UK and so it follows that their easy flowers are very different to ours too. It got me thinking… which flowers would I suggest for gardeners in the UK? I have already listed my BEST HARDY ANNUALS in a previous post. So here are my recommendations for the Top Five Flowers to grow in the UK for autumn blooms.

  • Dahlias
  • Scabious
  • Cosmos
  • Rudbeckia
  • Asters





asters - web

There are many other lovely things to see in the garden in late summer and autumn but these are five of my favourites.

Which are your favourite flowers at this time of year?
Happy Gardening          Gillian 🙂


29 thoughts on “Top Five Flowers for Autumn

  1. Lucky you still enjoying annual cosmos, mine have keeled over, I guess it’s the low overnight temperatures. Mind you, I’d add chocolate cosmos to my list of favourites, it is still going strong and picks well too.


    1. We are expecting low temperatures here any day now but it is still quite mild. I’ve never grown Chocolate Cosmos. I imagine that it looks beautiful with all your grasses Kate.


  2. I would certainly agree with Rudbeckia and Aster, but Scabious and Cosmos are pretty well over here and Dahlias never do well in my garden because of the slugs. So I would add instead Autumn flowering Gentian, Fuschia and Persicaria. All are still flowering well.


    1. Lovely Noelle. It’s great to be thinking about next years blooms already. Scabious are magical… quite slow to get going and then they surprise you with fast growth and lots of flowers.


  3. A perfect list! I don’t have all of these, but most. I’m a little heavy on the dahlias and rudbeckia. Would you consider Japanese Anenome here? They are still going very strong in my October perennial garden and we have the same climate as most parts of the U.K. I’m in zone 7 here in Portland, OR.


  4. Lovely photos of your favourites! I can’t grow Rudbeckia or Dahlias as the slugs always devour them when they are small. I grew Dahlias in pots with copper tape around them last year, but I think they do better in the ground. I would therefore add Verbena rigida, which has seeded itself around here and is still flowering beautifully. And my dwarf Miscanthus – I just adore that! 🙂


      1. Here by the coast in West Lancashire North West England we benefit from the warming effects of the Gulf Stream so our winters are not usually too cold. An early morning frost or a flurry of snow and -2C or -3C is probably about the worst it gets most winters. I can leave some tender plants in patio pots right next to the house all winter and they survive from year to year. In East Lancashire which has the Pennines (Hills known as the Backbone of England) winters are much colder and more difficult for both plants and humans!

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