White Flowers

We have just heard the fantastic news that a friend is getting married in Autumn. She’s chosen a natural theme and would prefer to have locally grown flowers. She would like to stick to a budget and that got me thinking… What flowers would be suitable for the big day? More importantly which flowers can be easily and inexpensively grown by the brides family and friends.

A quick search through my autumn 2015 photos shows that there were lots of flowers blooming in my garden in autumn… some of them would be fantastic for a celebration.
I have picked out some white flowers for a wedding and some silvery foliage to go with them too.
There are many other plants that would make brilliant wedding flowers… these are the just some of the flowers blooming in our garden in autumn 2015.


There is a growing trend for locally produced seasonal flowers. I am not in the least surprised by this because they have several advantages over flowers bought from high street stores. Locally produced flowers are often:

  • Grown without harmful chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides.
  • Better for the environment… no air miles to fly the flowers into the UK.
  • More beautiful than mass produced blooms with a wider range of flowers and colours available.
  • Scented blooms and characterful foliage.
  • Freshly cut and long lasting.

You may be lucky and find a florist near you who can supply them. If not then the best alternative is to grow them yourself. Growing your own flowers is really easy and fun. What could be better than picking your own beautiful scented flowers for your daughters wedding?

If you would like to see some larger photos and plant names then just click to view the gallery below. When the gallery is open you can scroll using the arrows on the left and right of your screen then just click the tiny cross in the top left corner to close the gallery.

Todays post was inspired by Gemma’s wedding and Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge. Are you joining in this week?

Happy Gardening. Gillian 🙂



7 thoughts on “White Flowers

    1. Thanks very much Cady. I have silvery foliage running right through my summer border and find it combines well with many different flowers. No plans at all but if my friend wants some flowers for her wedding she is most welcome to have them.


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