First Frost

Finally we’ve had our first hard frost this autumn. It was eight weeks later than usual.
It was worth waiting for though… Early this morning we had mist and frost. It was quite beautiful.
This is our view across the field.


By 9am the sun was beginning to break through the mist and lit up the remaining leaves on the trees in the lane.


Back in our garden I watched leaves cascading from the Hornbeam tree.

I could have watched this all morning but the lure of a log fire and hot coffee proved too tempting!Love Gillian

Thanks for reading and watching the video. I hope you liked it too!

29 thoughts on “First Frost

    1. I’m right there with you on that Eliza. I think it’s so important to enjoy the little things everyday if you can. It certainly can change the way I’m feeling. The very best thing for me is rushing out to watch geese flying right over us. Nature is amazing!


    1. Thanks very much Liz. It’s much easier to take pictures when everywhere looks so beautiful. Some frost in shady spots lasted all day. Sadly it’s all gone this morning!


    1. Yes that’s just how I felt. The mild autumn has been amazing and now we can enjoy some properly cold weather and wrap up in warm coats, toasty welly socks and winter boots!


  1. Beautiful, as always. The sun streaming through the autumn leaves makes me want to wrap a scarf around my neck and head out for a walk in the crisp, fresh air. Oh, wait, I don’t like cold. Never mind. Looks good from afar.

    The weather seems mixed up all over. At home (Manitoba, Canada), the first snow fall of the year was late by weeks, and it’s still not ‘sticking,’ because they ground is too warm. Here in Australia, things are topsy turvy, too. Where I am, near Sydney, it’s far warmer than it should be.


    1. Thanks very much. You are right about the mixed up weather Leah… the impression I get from garden bloggers all over the world is that the seasons are changing. It’s great for us here in the UK giving us a longer growing season but may not be so good for wildlife or for countries elsewhere in the world.


      1. It’s not great for countries like Canada; we rely on the long, cold months to kill many insects. The changes have already led to the devastation of our pine forests (and lumber industry) and the spread of pests like the lily beetle (terrible news to those of us with lilies)! It feels good to have nicer weather, but it’s quite frightening, isn’t it?


  2. Gillian there is no kindness: it’s the truth. What he said during the video was poetry to Nature, were words that came to my heart just like the images. You do not have to thank me. I’m the one who has to give it to you for such a beautiful blog. Thank you. Greetings from Margarita.


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