Hidcote Manor Garden Doors

We visited Hidcote Manor Garden in the Cotswolds in September 2016. The large garden is divided into distinct rooms and you may recall that I wrote about the Red Borders in an earlier blog post. Without doubt those borders were the stars of Hidcote for me last autumn. There are many other lovely areas throughout the entire garden… here are just a few.

Visitors enter the garden at Hidcote Manor via the house. There’s a charming study to look at first then it’s through the white door and into the garden.


The Old Garden (below) had just been revamped with fresh new perennial and annual plants and was looking particularly lovely too.


What I love most of all about Hidcote is the contrast between areas planted with airy plants spilling out of the borders onto the paths and more formal garden rooms with tightly clipped hedges. In the White Garden (below) the yew hedges and box topiary provide year round structure. When the white flowers fade away the evergreen plants remain giving the garden strength and character.


Hidcote Manor Garden is one of the most famous gardens in England and is looked after by the National Trust. It reopens for 2017 on 11th February and is well worth visiting.

Today I’m joining in with Norm 2.0’s Blog Event Thursday Doors.
Why not pop over to his blog to see some other doors around the world?

16 thoughts on “Hidcote Manor Garden Doors

  1. Can you believe I stayed within a mile or so of this garden for a week and did not see it????? Unbelievable…… My friends did not want to go and that was before I was really into the UK National Trust gardens………but still I missed out big time!


    1. Oh No! That must have been frustrating for you. There are so many lovely gardens and interesting places to see that choices have to be made. Perhaps you will see it next time?


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