It’s easy to grow your own flowers from seed. Here’s beautiful flowers, growing information & seed collections for gifts.

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Flower Seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife.

Do you dream of a beautiful garden full of scented flowers and buzzing with wildlife?
The truth is that it’s not just a dream but a distinct possibility for you.

In this shop you will find flower seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife. I have grown these flowers myself then selected the best, most beautiful and easiest plants for you to grow. To find out more about a plant just click on the images below to open the page and read more about how to grow them.

Seeds to sow in July.

There are lots of lovely Biennial Flower Seeds to sow this month. Biennials are brilliant for early flowers next spring and just a little forward planning pays off big time. Many Biennials are beautiful in your garden, excellent for wildlife and brilliant for cut flowers too.

Wallflower Sunset MixedPlants like  Erysimum (Wallflowers) Digitalis (Foxgloves) Dianthus (Sweet William) Papaver nudicaule (Iceland Poppies) Myosotis (Forget-me-nots) Hesperis (Sweet Rocket) and Lunaria annua (Honesty) can be sown now ready for flowering next spring.

The best things about growing your own Biennial flowers from seed are:

  1. You can have MASSES of blooms in a colour scheme of your choice.
  2. There’s no need to break the bank… seeds are plentiful and INEXPENSIVE.
  3. There’s little effort required and anyone can do it. Sow them outdoors and let them grow on either in a ‘nursery’ bed or where you want them to flower next spring.


Antirrhinum majus Admiral White

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Antirrhinum majus 'Admiral White' Seeds

Admiral White is a tall elegant pure white Snapdragon. It is great for cutting… their flowers add an interesting spire shape to bouquets and floral arrangements. Alternatively grow them in your borders with other tall plants such as Cosmos ‘Sensation’ for a splash of colour or Cosmos ‘Purity’ if you are sticking to a white scheme.

Sow in spring for flowers this summer and autumn. You can also sow Antirrhinums in autumn if you need early flowers next year (for a May wedding for example) Antirrhinums are actually short lived perennials so they will survive in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse over winter.

GenusAntirrhinum majus
VarietyAdmiral White
Plant TypeTreat as Half Hardy Annual (actually short lived perennial)
Height & Spread90-120cm/3-4 feet tall x 30-45cm/ 1-1.5 feet wide
Sow SeedsSow seeds indoors in February,March, April and May. Antirrhinum seeds are tiny and need light to germinate so sow them on the surface of compost and water carefully from below. Sow again in August/September for early flowers next year.
Thin/Plant OutPrick seedlings out into individual cells and allow to grow on. Pot on if necessary. Pinch out the tips when the plants reach 10cm/4 inches to encourage branching. Wait until the soil has warmed up then plant outside 30cm apart after the last frost in May.
Conditions RequiredTo produce the best flowers Antirrhinums need nice rich soil and plenty of water until they are established. A sunny spot is best but they will tolerate dappled shade. Admiral White grows 3-4 feet tall so will need support of some kind.
Flower ProductionAntirrhinums take 12 -14 weeks from seed to flower. March sown plants will be producing their first blooms in June. They usually flower for 3 months. Seeds sown in May will flower from August until October or even longer if the weather is mild.
PickingPick when it’s cool outside (early morning or evening) and stand them up straight in a tall narrow bucket of clean fresh water. Do not allow them to flop sideways because the tips will bend. Lasts 7-10 days in a vase.
Planting CombinationsAdmiral White Antirrhinums look brilliant in a white border with Nicotiana Whisper and Cosmos Purity and are lovely with Cornflowers of all colours.
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