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Cobaea scandens 'Purple'

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Cobaea scandens 'Purple' Seeds

Cobaea are annual climbing plants with vigorous stems and masses of rich flowers produced from mid summer to late autumn. Commonly known as the Cup and Saucer Vine, Cobaea has beautiful cup shaped flowers which start off creamy white and gradually become a fabulous rich shade of deep purple. Leaves are mid green with purple veins and are very attractive too. Both the vines and flowers can be cut and used in arrangements.

Stems easily climb to 3-6 metres / 10-20 feet in a season so this is a brilliant plant for adding height to the garden either grown against a wall, along a fence or trained up a framework of sturdy poles. Cobaea vines are very good for cut flowers and both flowers and foliage are in demand by floral stylists to add interest to arrangements.

Don't let the exotic appearance of Cobaea put you off growing them. They are reliable performers in British gardens sometimes flowering until December in sheltered places. They have also been given the RHS Award of Garden Merit for their garden performance.

GenusCobaea scandens
Plant TypeHalf Hardy Annual Climber. Cut Flower/Vine. RHS AGM
Height & Spread
3-6 metres /10-20 feet tall x 30cm/12 inches
Sow SeedsFor best results sow seeds under cover in January - April. Sow on edge in a seed tray or individually in 9cm pots. At 18-21°C Cobaea takes 14-21 days to germinate. Grow seedlings in 2L pots with canes for 8 -10 weeks then plant out your young plants in May after the last frost.
Thin/Plant OutCobaea need plenty of space to develop and grow.
When planting out allow about 30cm/12 inches between them.
Conditions RequiredThey will sulk if the weather is too cold so don't plant out too soon. Grow in full sun in moist but well drained soil. Provide sturdy support such as canes or trellis or allow them to trail along a low wall or fence. Young plants grow very rapidly clinging to the supporting structure and netting as they grow.
Flower ProductionCobaea takes around 18-20 weeks to flower from a spring sowing. Flowers are produced from July until the first hard frosts in October or even longer in sheltered places. If you are growing Cobaea vines for sale they can be grown year round inside a greenhouse and will flower continuously.
PickingCut vines 1m long when the flowers are just beginning to open. Pick when it’s cool… early in the morning or in the evening. Sear stem ends for 10 seconds then pop them straight into a tall bucket of fresh water.
Planting CombinationsCombines beautifully with other late flowering Climbers like Ipomoea and Nasturtiums and Half Hardy Annuals such as Dahlias, Cleome and Cosmos.

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