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News July 2021

July is a great time to sow all sorts of flower seeds. This is a great month to sow Biennials such as Forget-me-Nots, Wallflowers and Sweet William for early flowering next Spring. You can carry on sowing Perennials and Wildflowers in July too. You can also sow quick growing Hardy Annuals such as Poppies and some Half Hardy Annuals such as Sunflowers. Get them going now and they’ll go on flowering until the winter cold sets in and the frost arrives.
There are so many lovely flowers to grow now. Do feel free to have a browse if you’d like some inspiration. You’ll find growing information for each flower here in the shop too.

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Cosmos bipinnatus Velouette

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Cosmos bipinnatus 'Velouette' Seeds

Cosmos Velouette has the usual soft feathery apple green Cosmos foliage and large daisy like flowers with yellow centres. Petals are all shades of crimson, some with attractive white markings. Velouette has been awarded the RHS AGM for outstanding garden performance. This is a NEW and glamorous Cosmos, Velouette is perfect for borders, for cut flowers and for large pots. Pollinating insects find Cosmos irresistible.

Cosmos are half hardy annuals originally from Mexico and South America . They have become classic English cottage garden plants because they are easy to grow, flower all summer and go on flowering right up until the first frosts. Cosmos Velouette is tall growing up to 90cm/3feet so it’s brilliant for adding height to your borders
or cut flower patch.

Cosmos flowers are brilliant for cutting and they will last well over a week in fresh water. The more flowers you cut the more the plants produce. These are amazingly productive plants and what's more our bees and butterflies love Cosmos too!

Genus Cosmos bipinnatus
Variety Velouette
Plant Type Half Hardy Annual
Height & Spread
90cm/36 inches tall x 50cm/20 inches
Sow Seeds Sow under cover in spring. Lightly cover with a fine layer of compost or vermiculite... Cosmos need light to germinate. Grow seedlings on then plant out your young plants after the last frosts. Direct sow seed in flowering positions from May onwards.
Thin/Plant Out Cosmos need plenty of space to develop and grow. Allow about 45cm/18 inches between plants. Seedlings transplant well so you could do what I do and grow a few in large pots to fill any gaps in your planting schemes.
Conditions Required Grow in full sun in moist but well drained soil. Provide support such as pea and bean netting stretched horizontally.When the young plants reach 20cm/8 inches tall pinch out the tips to encourage side shoots to develop.
Flower Production Cosmos takes around 14 weeks to flower from a spring sowing. Flowers are produced for a good 5 months from June until the first frosts in October. Keep cutting and dead heading to produce more flowers.
Picking Cut Cosmos flowers when it’s cool… early in the morning or in the evening and pop them straight into a tall bucket of fresh water. Cosmos blooms will last 7 – 10 days in a vase.
Planting Combinations Cosmos Velouette is such a brilliant flower to grow because it combines
beautifully with other tall plants such as Ammi, Antirrhinum, Nicotiana and Cornflowers.

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