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Dianthus barbatus 'Double Mixed'

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Dianthus 'Double Mixed' Seeds

Knockout clusters of large colourful flowers on long strong stems. Each flower head is made up of many individual flowers, many of them are doubles which gives them a most attractive appearance. Blooms are produced in all shades of pink and white and they are upward facing which makes Sweet Williams jolly useful in the garden or as a cut flower for the home or for weddings and special events.

The petals are edible and can be added to recipes or used to decorate cakes. Grow a row of these in the cutting patch or in a mixed border in full sun for best results.
All Sweet Williams are extremely easy to grow and very prolific giving you lots of flowers for not much time, money or effort!

Genus Dianthus barbatus

Variety Double Mixed
Plant Type Hardy Biennial
Height & Spread 50/60cm ( 2 feet ) tall x 15cm (6 inches) spread
Sow Seeds Sow outdoors in a well prepared seedbed when the soil is warm from the end of May to August. Alternatively sow in modules indoors and plant out six weeks later in August/early September.
Thin/Plant Out Thin seedlings to 10cm/ 4 inches to allow plenty of space for the foliage to grow over winter. In autumn plant out where you’d like them to flower next year. Allow a minimum of 15cm per plant. In most situations these plants will need some support.
Conditions Required Sweet William love moist but well drained soil. They prefer a site with plenty of sunshine. Feed and water regularly to keep flower production going all summer long.
Flower Production Sow this summer for flowering next spring. Like many biennials Sweet William flowers early in the year (May onwards) before hardy annuals and perennials come into flower in June. Clusters of scented blooms are produced for up to four months until the end of August.
Picking Cut flowers regularly and dead-head to make sure that your plants continue to produce new blooms. When cutting strip the lower leaves and place the cut flowers into a tall bucket of clean water. Allow to rest overnight before arranging. Lasts up to two weeks as a cut flower.
Planting Combinations If you have the space I suggest you grow plenty of these lovely Dianthus. Double Mixed grows particularly well with other Sweet Williams such as Dianthus 'Sooty' and Dianthus 'Albus'.

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