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Eschscholzia Ivory Castle

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Eschscholzia 'Ivory Castle' Seeds

A simple poppy from California with creamy white flowers and feathery foliage. Flowers open in sun to reveal pretty yellow stamens then close when night falls. Sow in March and May for summer-long flowers. Sow again in late summer/autumn. An autumn sowing will produce early flowers the following year. Sow again in spring for the longest flowering period. Californian Poppies are easy to grow, produce masses of flowers and are great for edging paths. They are also perfect for posies and pollinators.

Genus Eschscholzia californica
Variety Ivory Castle
Plant Type Hardy Annual, Cut Flower, Wildlife Flower
Height & Spread 45cm tall x 30cm wide (18 inches tall x 12 inches)
Sow Seeds Sow outdoors in late summer/autumn for winter foliage and nice strong early flowering plants. Sow again in spring (March/April/May) for flowers lasting until late summer.
Thin/Plant Out Eschscholzia dislike root disturbance - it's best to sow them where you want them to flower. Thin out seedlings to allow 30cm (12 inches) between plants.
Conditions Required When the young Californian Poppies are established they are drought tolerant. They need free draining soil in full sun - sandy soils or gravel gardens are best.
Flower Production Takes ten weeks to flower from a spring sowing. Creamy white flowers produced from May to August.
Picking Pick early in the morning or cool evening and stand them in deep water for a few hours before arranging. Lasts 5 days in a vase.
Planting Combinations Grow Eschscholzia with other drought tolerant plants such as Nigella.
They look brilliant in a vase with blue flowers such as Cerithe and Salvia.
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