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News September 2021

Woo Hoo! September is the perfect time to sow Hardy Annuals so they can grow and develop into healthy plants throughout autumn. Many Perennials and Wildflowers can be sown now too. There are some seeds that need a cold spell to germinate so autumn is brilliant for getting them off to a good start.
There’s nothing like growing your own flowers from seed. If you want flowers for cutting or a beautiful wildlife garden then a few minutes spent sowing seeds this month will bring wonderful things for you in 2022. It’s good to plan ahead!
Christmas Collections are available now! Seed collections make the perfect gift for keen gardeners and there’s some exciting new products coming soon too… so watch this space.
Do feel free to have a browse if you’d like some inspiration. You’ll find growing information for each flower here in the shop too.

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Helianthus 'Sonja'

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Helianthus 'Sonja' Seeds

Sonja Sunflowers are lovely in the garden and brilliant for cut flowers. Each plant is well branched with sprays of 8 or more side branches on strong stems 45-60cm (18"-2 feet long). Masses of vibrant tangerine flowers with a dark central disk are produced for weeks on end. They are easy to grow, great for cut flower production and excellent in the garden too. Especially good for garden wildlife including bees and butterflies then later in the season Sunflower seeds attract beautiful small birds such as Goldfinches. Allow seedheads to form to provide lots of seeds for your garden birds.

Sonja Sunflowers are daylength neutral so they produce consistent quality flowers. For flowers from July to October sow Sonja Sunflowers in succession. For your cut flower patch sow indoors March-April then plant out in May. Sow again when the soil has warmed up outdoors (from May onwards) for a later crop.

If you are serious about cut flower production sow a batch of seeds every two weeks. You'll need plenty! Sonja Sunflowers are lovely for mixed bouquets and sell well at Farmers Markets. What's more they have the RHS AGM. (Award of Garden Merit)

Genus Helianthus annuus
Variety Sonja
Plant Type Half Hardy Annual. Daylength neutral. F1 Seeds. Cut Flower
Height & Spread 90-100cm tall x 45cm wide (3 feet tall x 18 inches wide)
Sow Seeds Sow seeds indoors (at 10-16°C) March-April then plant out in late April and May. Sow outdoors in spring (May) for a later crop of summer flowers. Sow every two weeks for cut flower production.
Thin/Plant Out Allow 45cm (18 inches) between plants.
Conditions Required Sunflowers prefer moist but well drained soil in full sun. Even though Sonja Sunflowers are shorter than most they will still need sturdy support to prevent damage from wind and heavy rain because of the number of flowers they produce. Water thoroughly in dry spells.
Flower Production Many stems with vibrant tangerine flowers produced from July to September. Each flower head is 8-10cm /3-4 inches across making them perfect for hand tied bouquets. Sonja usually takes 13-15 weeks from seed to flower.
Picking For cut flowers pick Sunflowers when the first few petals have unfurled. It's best to pick when it's cool, early in the morning or evening, strip most of the leaves from the stem and stand them in deep water for a few hours. Sunflowers have a long vase life, no preservative necessary.
Planting Combinations Sonja is popular because of their intense colour and outstanding performance.
Sunflowers are some of the most stunning annual flowers you can grow. These flowers will amaze you with their beauty, speed of growth and long vase life. Grow with Rudbeckia, Cleome and Cosmos and other long flowering half hardy annuals.

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