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Larkspur 'Summer Sky'

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Larkspur 'Summer Sky' Seeds

This is our unique selection of the Sublime Larkspur range with spires of double flowers in four shades of blue plus white on long branching stems. This variety is often chosen by commercial flower growers and farmer /florists because of their vigour, health and productivity.
There are five colours in this mix: Dark Blue (almost purple) Azure Blue, Lilac, White and Bicolour which is truly beautiful with blue and white blooms.
If you love Delphiniums you'll love Larkspur... they are annual Delphiniums.

Annual Larkspur are extremely hardy... they are classic country garden plants. From an autumn sowing Larkspur produces sturdy plants
and flowers early the following year. They can also be sown in spring and will flower just 16 weeks later.
Seeds need COLD STRATIFICATION - please see a simple explanation on the blog.

Their dramatic flowers are good in your borders, for cut flowers and for making confetti.

VarietySummer Sky (Sublime Series) Five colours: Azure Blue, Dark Blue, Lilac, White and Bicolour (blue & white)
Plant TypeHardy Annual
Height and Spread90-120cm x 30-45cm ( 3-4 feet tall x 12-18 inches)
Sow SeedsSow indoors in February/March.Sow outdoors in April/May then again in autumn, September/October.
** Seeds need stratification before sowing.**
Thin/Plant OutAllow 45cm (18 inches) between plants.
Conditions RequiredPrefers moist but well drained soil in full sun.

Provide netting support to keep plants upright or the stems will bend.

Flower ProductionLarkspur usually take 15/16 weeks from sowing to flowering.
Beautiful double flowers produced from May to September.
PickingPick Larkspur early in the morning when one third of the blooms are open on the stem.
Remove most of the leaves and stand them in deep water for a few hours before arranging. Lasts 10 days in a vase. If you want to dry the petals for confetti then pick your flowers when just the top three blooms are still closed.
Hang bunches together in a warm, dry, dark place for two weeks.

Planting CombinationsLarkspur is one of the best annual flowers you can grow.
You will be amazed at how gorgeous these flowers are and how talented you are for growing them!
They grow particularly well with other tall Larkspurs, Ammi and Dill.

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