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Lunaria annua Purple & White

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Lunaria annua 'Purple & White' Seeds

Lunaria annua is one of the best cottage garden plants you can grow. Honesty is a hardy biennial plant producing clouds of scented white and purple flowers from April to June. The four petalled flowers are followed by flat round green seed pods which gradually turn into silvery discs, hence the common name Silver Pennies. Honesty flowers are good for bees and butterflies, great for cut flowers and the seed pods can be dried for flower arranging too.

Genus Lunaria annua
Variety Purple & White
Plant Type Hardy Biennial
Height & Spread 75cm/2.5 feet tall x 30cm/1 foot spread
Sow Seeds Honesty has deep tap roots and is best sown outdoors in it's flowering position in summer so the cold weather can break seed dormancy. Thin seedlings to allow space for plants to grow. Alternatively cold moist stratify then sow indoors in summer at 16-21C for planting out in autumn.
Lightly cover seeds with compost, pot up and grow on as necessary taking care not to let the plants become pot bound. Honesty can also be treated as an annual and sown in March (cold moist stratify first) for planting out 8 to 10 weeks later when the soil has warmed up in May.
Please note that plants and flowers will be smaller if treated as annuals.
Thin/Plant Out Plant well established young plants into their flowering position from the end of August to the end of September. Allow sufficient space (30cm) for the young plants to grow and develop. During autumn and winter Honesty produces a good root system and forms large well branched plants ready for flowering in spring.
Conditions Required Honesty will grow in sun or dappled shade and prefers moist but well drained soil. A woodland edge situation with soil rich in organic matter such as garden compost and leaf mould will produce tall healthy plants. Avoid peat and manure.
Flower Production Lunaria annua produces flowers from April until June the year after sowing.
Grow plenty because their early flowers are not only gorgeous they are jolly useful too.
Picking Pick in the cool of the early morning or evening when a third of the small flowers are open. Honesty is productive if you harvest frequently to keep the blooms coming. Allow some plants to set seed then those stems can be cut and dried.
Planting Combinations If you want a good show of early blooms and plenty of flowers for cutting then plant lots of Honesty together in drifts with Wallflowers.

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