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Lychnis flos-cuculi

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Lychnis flos-cuculi Seeds

Lychnis flos-cuculi is one of our most beautiful wildflowers. This lovely perennial plant produces slender stems topped by masses of ragged pink flowers which are very attractive. It's commonly known as Ragged Robin... you can probably see why from these photos! Petals are deeply divided and are loved by Bees and Butterflies. In fact they are great for lots of pollinating insects and recommended by the RHS too.

Lovely for damp areas in cottage gardens, wildlife gardens, wet grassland, stream sides and pond margins. Lychnis flowers in May and June. Grow in full sun with moist soil for best results. Ragged Robin grows beautifully with plants which share their love of moist soil including Marsh Marigold and Meadowsweet.

GenusLychnis flos-cuculi Also known as Silene flos-cuculi

Common nameRagged Robin
Plant TypePerennial. Wildflower
Height & Spread30-60cm (1-2 feet) tall x 30cm (12 inches) spread
Sow SeedsSow seeds indoors in plugs anytime from spring to autumn. Cover very lightly and keep the compost moist. Alternatively sow direct in Spring or Autumn.
Thin/Plant OutIn the garden allow a minimum space of 30cm per plant.
Conditions RequiredLychnis loves very moist soil. They prefer an open site with plenty of sunshine.
Flower ProductionFlowers from May to June.
MaintenanceOnce established allow seed heads to form then Lychnis flos-cuculi will self sow.
Planting CombinationsRagged Robin grows particularly well with other moisture loving plants such as Marsh Marigold and Meadowsweet.

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