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Molucella laevis

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Molucella laevis Seeds

Molucella is a striking foliage plant with beautiful spires of green bells. It’s a native of Turkey and Syria but is commonly known as Bells of Ireland. It’s a brilliant plant for cutting and drying. A few stems of Molucella in bouquets gives a fresh and vibrant feel. Molucella is a productive plant with masses of stems for cutting. In my view it’s one of the best foliage plants you can grow.

How to grow Molucella laevis

GenusMolucella laevis
Plant TypeHardy Annual
Height & Spread60-90cm/2-3 feet tall x 45cm/18 inches wide
Sow SeedsMolucella seeds needs a cold period to germinate well. Either place the seed packet in the freezer for one week to break dormancy then sow indoors in March/April. Or sow direct in May (after chilling) when the soil has warmed up and the outdoor temperature is above 15°C. Needs light to germinate. A spring sowing to flowering usually takes 14 weeks.
Thin/Plant OutThin/ Plant out 45cm apart. In windy places provide support such as twiggy sticks or netting stretched horizontally.
Conditions RequiredMolucella will grow in most soil conditions. Provide a sunny, well drained, sheltered spot for best results.
Flower ProductionMolucella flowers from June – September. Keep picking and dead heading to encourage the plants to carry on flowering.
PickingChoose a cool part of the day to pick such as early morning or evening. Remove lower leaves. Molucella lasts 7 -10 days in a vase and can be also be dried for use in floral arrangements.
Planting CombinationsThe beautiful fragrant apple green stems of Molucella combine well with most colourful annual flowers. They are particularly striking with tall white Cosmos, Snapdragons and Larkspur.

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