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Nicotiana alata 'White'

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Nicotiana alata ‘White’ Seeds

Nicotiana White is long flowering and has velvety white trumpet shaped blooms with a hint of green. It’s scented too and butterflies and moths love it. In my view it’s essential for any cutting garden and makes a lovely filler for bouquets. They love sun and dappled shade.

Nicotiana alata is a perennial plant from South America . You may know it as the Tobacco plant or Jasmine Tobacco. We treat it as a half hardy annual here in the UK . Just provide nice rich soil in a sunny spot with some dappled shade, keep it well watered and it will flower until the first frosts.

*** Nicotiana alata is related to the Tobacco plant but is NOT EDIBLE and is HARMFUL if EATEN***

Genus Nicotiana alata
Variety White
Plant Type
Half Hardy Annual
Height & Spread Grows to 60cm/2 feet tall x 30cm/1 foot wide
Sow Seeds Nicotiana seeds are tiny and need light to germinate. Sow indoors in spring. I’ve found that sowing a pinch of seed in small modules gives the best results. Prick out the tiny seedlings into individual modules or small pots and grow on until they are well established. Alternatively sow outside in flowering position in May.

Thin/Plant Out
Plant young Nicotiana seedlings outside when the soil has warmed up in May. Allow 30cm/1 foot spacing between plants.
Conditions Required Like most Half Hardy Annuals Nicotiana like the sun but these plants are not drought tolerant. Choose spot with some dappled shade and nice rich soil and then water well once each week. Nicotiana has low drought tolerance and will suffer if it dries out completely.
Flower Production
Nicotiana White takes 12-14 weeks from seed to flower.
Flowers are produced for 4 months from June onwards.
Successive sowings (In March/April/May) will give you flowers until the first frosts. As long as you keep picking and deadheading these plants will carry on producing flowers for months on end.

Picking Cut in cool conditions such as early morning, remove leaves and stand cut stems in clean deep waterfor several hours. Nicotiana White lasts 7 days in a vase.
Planting Combinations Plant Nicotiana with other half hardy annuals such as bright Zinnias, Rudbeckias and Antirrhinum. Alternatively they look great with the deep blue of Salvia viridis and with white daisies such as Feverfew and Cosmos.

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