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Do you dream of a beautiful garden full of scented flowers and buzzing with wildlife?
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In this shop you will find flower seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife. I have grown these flowers myself then selected the best, most beautiful and easiest plants for you to grow. To find out more about a plant just click on the images below to open the page and read more about how to grow them.

Seeds to sow in May.

There are lots of lovely Hardy Annual Seeds to sow in April. They are beautiful in your garden, excellent for wildlife and brilliant for cut flowers too.

May is the month to sow Half Hardy Annuals too.  Cosmos Antirrhinum (Snapdragons) Rudbeckia and Cleome can all be sown now.


Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'


Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird' 00196
Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird' Seeds

Poppies are some of the most beautiful flowers to grow from seed with gorgeous open papery blooms. Ladybird is one of the shorter poppies growing to 45cm/18 inches tall. What it lacks in stature it makes up in flower power.

Ladybird Poppies have large blooms with bright red petals marked with distinctive black spots just like a Ladybird. Flowers are produced from June to late summer (August). It's so easy to grow, just scatter the tiny seeds onto a patch of bare soil and they will grow. If you need some colour in your life this could be a great plant for you! Poppies are brilliant planted in drifts to make an impact.

GenusPapaver commutatum
Plant TypeHardy Annual
Height & Spread45cm tall x 20cm spread (18inches tall x 8 inches wide)
Sow SeedsSow direct in spring. Dislikes root disturbance so it's best to sow where you want these poppies to flower. Seeds are tiny so do not cover them because they need light to germinate. Take care when watering to prevent the seeds being washed away. Alternatively sow in August or September for slightly earlier flowers next year.
Thin/Plant OutThin seedlings to allow sufficient space (20cm) for the young plants to grow and develop.

Conditions RequiredLadybird Poppies will grow in most garden situations ranging from full sun to dappled shade. They prefer moist but well drained soil. Protect from slugs and snails because they love Poppies.
Flower Production Flowers produced in 10 -12 weeks from a spring sowing. Grow plenty and sow in succession for lots of blooms right through until the end of summer.
PickingPick in the cool of the early morning or evening when the buds are just starting to break open. Poppies last just a few days in a vase but they are productive plants so harvest frequently to keep the blooms coming. Sear stem ends in boiling water for 20 seconds to prolong vase life and place immediately in fresh clean water.
Planting CombinationsIf you want a good show of colourful blooms and plenty of flowers for cutting then sow Ladybird Poppies with other Poppies in drifts.

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