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Rudbeckia hirta Rustic Mixed

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Rudbeckia hirta 'Rustic Mixed' Seeds

Rustic Mixed Rudbeckia have large blooms in all shades of yellow, bronze and gold. You may know them as the Cone Flower or Black Eyed Susan. Both of these common names describe the distinctive button centre of these flowers which is usually dark brown or black. As the flowers age the centre becomes raised forming a cone. These are lovely plants to grow for late flowers in your garden and your bees and butterflies will love them too.

Rudbeckia are wild flowers originating from North America . Strictly speaking they are half hardy perennials but for best results treat them like half hardy annuals and sow each year in spring for late summer and autumn flowers. New varieties have been developed for use in the garden or as cut flowers and Rustic Mixed are some of the best.

Genus Rudbeckia hirta
Variety Rustic Mixed
Plant Type Half Hardy Annual
Height & Spread 45-60cm/1.5-2 feet tall x 30cm/1 foot wide
Sow Seeds Sow indoors in modules from March and April. Rudbeckia seeds are tiny and like most tiny seeds they need light to germinate. Transplant to individual pots when the seedlings are large enough to handle and grow on until they have formed sturdy young plants.
Thin/Plant Out
Plant out in May in full sun 30cm/1 foot apart. Take care not to disturb their roots too much. They resent disturbance.
Conditions Required Rudbeckias are great for cut flower beds, borders and for growing in containers too.
They will perform best in full sun and like plenty of water… please don’t allow the soil to dry out.
Flower Production Rudbeckias may seem slow to get going but once established they will produce flowers from July to October
or even longer in mild sheltered places. Usually takes 10-12 weeks from seed to flower.
Picking Cut when the petals have unfurled and the central cone is tight.
Lasts up to two weeks in a vase providing the water is clean.
Planting Combinations Grow Rustic Mixed with other Rudbeckias such as Cappucino. They also combine well with blue flowers such as Salvia viridis and the glaucous foliage of Cerinthe major Purpurascens.

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