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Zinnia 'Benary's Giant Wine'

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Zinnia 'Benary’s Giant Wine' Seeds

If you love Dahlias you will love these Zinnias. Benary’s Giant Wine has fully double Dahlia-like flowers on long strong stems. Blooms are produced for months on end in the most beautiful rich wine shade. They are brilliant for adding a touch of colour to your garden and lovely for cut flowers. Bees and butterflies love Zinnias too.

Zinnias are natives of Mexico. They thrive in the sun and dislike wet weather. If you can provide a sunny spot and well drained soil then you will be rewarded with buckets of flowers from mid summer until late autumn. This variety Benary’s Giant Wine is popular with flower growers because it has good strong stems and as the name suggests lovely large blooms. Best of all the more flowers you cut the more you get!

GenusZinnia elegans
Variety'Benary’s Giant Wine'
Plant TypeHalf Hardy Annual
Height & Spread90cm/3 feet tall x 30cm/1 foot wide
Sow SeedsSow under cover in April in cells or small pots… Zinnias need light to germinate. Pinch out tips when plants have four true leaves. Zinnias prefer not to be over watered or have their roots disturbed so plant outside carefully after the last frost. Alternatively Benary’s Giant Wine can be sown direct into the flowering position from May onwards. Watch out for slugs – they love Zinnia seedlings!
Thin/Plant Out
Plant out well developed young plants in May 30cm/1 foot apart.
Remove the first tall flower when it reaches 45cm/18 inches to encourage the production of side shoots.
Conditions RequiredZinnias are Mexican plants so they thrive in sun and dislike wet weather.
Grow them in moist but well drained soil in a sunny spot for best results.
Tall Zinnias like Benary’s Giant Wine grown for cut flowers need netting support and regular feeding to encourage flower production.
Flower Production
Takes 12-14 weeks from seed to flowering. Zinnias flower from mid summer until late autumn usually for a good three months. Successive sowings will give you flowers until the first frosts.
PickingPick flowers when the flowers are fully open and the stem is stiff (if it is soft and bendy then wait a day or two) then remove all leaves and side shoots. Leave in deep water for several hours in a shady place to condition. Zinnias last 7 -10 days in a vase.
Planting CombinationsZinnias are lovely with other long flowering half hardy annuals such as Antirrhinum (Snapdragons) Cosmos, Dahlias and Nicotiana.

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