The Weather in July

In the UK July is usually one of the hottest months  of the year with average temperatures around 19°C or 20 °C.

The south coast of England has the most sunshine with around 210 hours of sun and even the cloudier northern coast of Scotland can expect around 130 hours of sunshine this month.

July can be a dry month with little rain but the past few summers here in the UK have also shown us that July can also be a very wet month!


In July keeping your plants and local wildlife supplied with water is important. Early flowering plants will need attention now, gaps in the borders can be filled and it’s time to plan ahead …
A garden journal can help you decide what would you like to see in your garden this autumn and in spring 2016.

Jobs for July

If it’s dry then watering will be the major task this month.

  • Water all patio pots early every morning and feed once a week.
  • Water young plants and vegetable beds. For borders a thorough soaking once a week is better than a light watering every day.
  • Fill up your bird bath daily with fresh cold water.
  • Pick flowers for the house and remove dead flower heads on roses, annuals and perennials as they fade to prolong flowering.
  • Watch out for pests such as aphids on the soft tips of plants. Blue Tits and beneficial insects such as Hover flies and Ladybirds will help to control them.
  • Prune shrubs that have already flowered.
  • Take cuttings of early flowering shrubs and clematis.
  • Cut back early flowering perennials such as geraniums then feed and water well to encourage new growth and a second flush of flowers.
  • Divide mature bearded irises, keep new growth and discard older rhizomes.
  • Plant autumn flowering bulbs.
  • Order spring bulbs.
  • Fill gaps in your borders with summer annuals.
  • Sow vegetables and salad leaves.

Keep a Garden Journal

Walk around your garden and take note of:

  • Successful plant combinations and thriving happy plants that you would like to see more of next year.
  • Unhappy plants, any gaps in the borders or plant combinations that haven’t worked.
  • Your planting scheme is lacking something… you’re not sure what but it just isn’t sparkling for you.

Looking Good This Month


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