It’s easy to grow your own flowers from seed. Here’s beautiful flowers, growing information & seed collections for gifts.

Most popular seeds this week


Gillian McCullochWelcome to Country Garden Seeds!

Flower Seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife.

Do you dream of a beautiful garden full of scented flowers and buzzing with wildlife?
The truth is that it’s not just a dream but a distinct possibility for you.

In this shop you will find flower seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife.
Please take a look. There are photos and growing information for each plant.

I have grown these flowers myself then selected the best, most beautiful and easiest plants for you to grow. To find out more about any plant just click on the images below to open the page and read more about how to grow them.

NEWS  22nd – 28th January 2018 

If you are planning to grow your own flowers this year and you are anything like me then you are probably itching to get going. The good news is that some seeds CAN be sown in January including climbers such as Cobaea Scandens and Sweet Peas plus Cleome and Daucus carota. Some of you have already started sowing your seeds, especially those of you growing flowers to sell. But don’t worry if you haven’t started yet… there’s still time and plenty of seeds to choose from. This month Daucus carota ‘Dara’ has been particularly popular. It can be treated as an annual or biennial and the lovely lacy flower heads make it a brilliant filler flower.


There are some new seed collections in the shop. Would you like to attract Butterflies and Bees to your garden this year? There’s a new Butterfly Garden Collection, a Wildflowers for Butterflies Collection and for early blooms the Biennials for Bees & Butterflies might be right up your street. There are six generous packets of seeds in each collection each with growing information. Perfect for your garden and a lovely gardeners gift too.

Wishing you a very happy January.  Love Gillian x