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Welcome to Country Garden Seeds! Flower Seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife. Do you dream of a beautiful garden full of scented flowers and buzzing with wildlife? Just sow a few packets of seeds for gorgeous flowers that your garden wildlife will love too. Here are some beautiful and easy plants for you to grow.
In October you can sow a batch of Hardy Annuals such as Sweet Peas which will grow to form sturdy young plants before winter sets in. Perennials and Wildflowers can also be sown now.

Amaranthus paniculatus 'Foxtail'

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Amaranthus paniculatus 'Foxtail' Seeds

Foxtail Amaranthus is a striking foliage plant with beautiful magenta red upright tassels and bronze-red foliage. It’s a native of tropical regions of the world. Here in the UK Amaranthus grows quickly during the summer to produce masses of foliage for cutting and drying. Feed and water well to get the tallest plants... it's worth giving some attention to these plants because a few stems of Foxtail Amaranthus in bouquets adds a touch of drama. In my view Amaranthus is one of the best foliage plants you can grow.

Genus Amaranthus paniculatus 'Foxtail'
Plant type Half Hardy Annual
Height & Spread 60-90cm tall x 30cm (2-3 feet tall x 1 foot wide)
Sow Seeds Sow indoors in February - April. Sow direct in May when the soil has warmed up and the outdoor temperature is above 15°C. A spring sowing to flowering usually takes around 12 weeks.
Thin/Plant Out Thin/ Plant out 30cm apart. Although this is shorter than other types of Amaranthus it still helps to provide strong supports to allow the tassels to develop. Grow through sturdy twiggy sticks or netting stretched horizontally.
Conditions Required Amaranthus will grow in most soil conditions. Provide a sunny, well drained, sheltered spot and feed regularly for the tallest plants and best results.
Flower Production Amaranthus flowers from July – October. Keep picking and dead heading to encourage the plants to carry on flowering.
Picking Choose a cool part of the day to pick such as early morning or evening. Remove most of the leaves. Amaranthus lasts 7 -10 days in a vase and can be also be dried for use in floral arrangements by hanging it upside down in a dry dark place.
Planting Combinations The beautiful dramatic deep red Amaranthus tassels and bronze-red foliage combine well with other colourful annual flowers. They are particularly striking with Sunflowers, Dahlias and Cosmos and Cleome.

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