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Welcome to Country Garden Seeds! Flower Seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife. Do you dream of a beautiful garden full of scented flowers and buzzing with wildlife? Just sow a few packets of seeds for gorgeous flowers that your garden wildlife will love too. Here are some beautiful and easy plants for you to grow.
In October you can sow a batch of Hardy Annuals such as Sweet Peas which will grow to form sturdy young plants before winter sets in. Perennials and Wildflowers can also be sown now.

Centaurea 'Snowman' & Ammi majus

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Centaurea 'Snowman' & Ammi majus Seeds

Lacy white Ammi flowers combine beautifully with these white Cornflowers. This lovely double White Cornflower has large flowers and strong tall grey-green cotton stems. It's brilliant in the garden, for the cut flower trade, for drying, for confetti and perfect for pollinators. Cornflowers are extremely hardy annuals, easy to grow and perfect for cutting.

Ammi majus is one of our tallest hardy annuals with long strong stems, lacy white flower heads and dark green feathery foliage. It’s good for adding height to borders, for cut flower production and attracts pollinating insects too. In fact, it's such a great plant that the RHS have awarded it the AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

Sow Cornflowers and Ammi in spring for summer flowers then sow again in autumn. From an autumn sowing, cornflowers produce the largest plants and masses of flowers.

Genus Two packets of seed: Centaurea cyanus 'Snowman' and Ammi majus
Common name Cornflowers / Bachelors Buttons and Queen Anne's Lace / Bishops Weed
Plant Type Hardy Annuals
Height and Spread 90+cm x 45cm (3+ feet tall x 18 inches wide)
Sow Seeds Easy to grow. Sow outdoors in March and April/May and again in August/September
Thin/Plant Out Allow 30/45cm (12-/18 inches) between plants.
Conditions Required Prefer moist but well drained soil in full sun. Ammi can tolerate dappled shade.

Keep picking and dead heading to encourage new flowers.
Centaurea and Ammi are tall plants and must have support or the stems will bend.

Flower Production Both Ammi and Centaurea take 12 weeks to flower from a spring sowing. Flowers produced from May to September
Picking Pick flowers early in the morning, remove lower leaves and stand them in deep water for a few hours before arranging. Lasts 5-7 days in a vase.
Planting Combinations These beautiful white flowers look great with other white flowers in the garden and in a vase. They are also brilliant with lime green flowers such as Molucella and Nicotiana. Both Ammi & Centaurea grow particularly well with other tall plants with contrasting forms such as Larkspur spires and Cosmos daisies.
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