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In October you can sow a batch of Hardy Annuals such as Sweet Peas which will grow to form sturdy young plants before winter sets in. Perennials and Wildflowers can also be sown now.

Cleome hassleriana 'Helen Campbell'

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Cleome hassleriana 'Helen Campbell' Seeds

This is the most glamorous pure white flower and it's not just me that thinks so. The Royal Horticultural Society has awarded Helen Campbell the prestigious AGM (Award of Garden Merit) which is their seal of approval for plants that perform reliably well in UK growing conditions. Award winning Cleome hassleriana is a tall elegant plant with sturdy stems and large open flowers which add drama to any garden or vase.

Cleome is a native of South American countries such as Argentina , Peru , Uraguay and Brazil where it’s known as the Spider Flower. You only need to look at the dramatic flower heads with their long stamens and seed pods to see why. Cleome is a perennial plant there where winters are lovely and warm. They won't survive our cold wet winters so here in the UK we grow them as annuals. Like most half hardy annuals they are brilliant for summer and autumn colour. Just like Cosmos and Dahlias, Cleome will go on flowering long into autumn. If you want to grow architectural flowers for cutting or simply want to extend the flowering season in your garden then these plants are jolly useful.

Cleome makes a brilliant filler for large dramatic displays of flowers and will give you a good show in the garden. I love to grow it with other late flowering Half Hardy Annuals such as Sunflowers and Cosmos in complimentary colours. It is very easy to grow but needs a little tender care to get the seeds going... have a look at the SOW SEEDS section below to find out how to start them off.

Please note that Cleome stems have rose-like thorns. They are low down on the plant and easy to remove if you are cutting stems for a vase.

Genus Cleome hassleriana
Variety ‘Helen Campbell’
Plant Type Half Hardy Annual
Height & Spread
Grows to 1.2m tall / 4 feet x 45cm / 18” wide
Sow Seeds Sow indoors in late winter to early spring. (Jan -March) Please note that Cleome needs two weeks COLD MOIST STRATIFICATION before sowing for best germination. Afterwards sow seeds indoors at 18-24C on the surface of fine compost. Seeds need light to germinate. When seedlings are well developed pot up and grow on individually under cover. Pinch out tips to encourage more shoots to form. Take care when handling, Cleome hates root disturbance.
Thin/Plant Out Plant outdoors after the last frosts in your area... usually May. Allow 45cm/18” for individual plants to grow and develop.
Conditions Required This is a tall plant so a sheltered position at the back of a border would be best as long as the site is in full sun with well drained soil. Provide support when the plants are young such as strong netting for them to grow through or sturdy sticks surrounding the plants.
Flower Production Cleome takes approximately 20 weeks from sowing the seeds to flowering. Flowers are produced for at least four months from June to September or even longer… until October and beyond if the weather is mild.
Picking Pick flowers in the cool of the evening or early morning straight into a tall bucket of cool fresh water. When arranging remove thorns and sear stems in boiling water for 20 seconds to encourage water uptake. Lasts 7 -10 days as a cut flower.
Planting Combinations Cleome 'Helen Campbell' is a statuesque plant and grows best either in a bold swathe alone or with other tall dramatic Half Hardy Annuals such as Cosmos Purity, Cosmos Sensation and Sunflowers.

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