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Welcome to Country Garden Seeds! Flower Seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife. Do you dream of a beautiful garden full of scented flowers and buzzing with wildlife? Just sow a few packets of seeds for gorgeous flowers that your garden wildlife will love too. Here are some beautiful and easy plants for you to grow.
In June you can sow a batch of Hardy Annuals which will grow and flower quickly now the soil has warmed up. Start sowing Biennials such as Foxgloves, Sweet William and Wallflowers. Sow Half Hardy Annuals such as Cosmos, Sunflowers and Zinnias and they’ll flower in summer and autumn too.

Lacy Fillers Seed Collection

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Lacy Fillers Seed Collection

This selection of seeds for has masses of beautiful lacy flowers. There are nine packets of seeds in this collection. Flowers are shades of lime green, white blue and and all of them provide nectar in abundance for Bees and Butterflies to feed on. They are perfect for adding an informal relaxed feel and a touch of country garden style to your garden. This collection is ideal for cutting to act as fillers in bunches and bouquets of cut flowers.

These are some of the very best flowers lacy flowers in the most beautiful shades. If you are planning to grow flowers to encourage butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects into your garden or simply to add interest to a neglected area you can't go wrong with this selection! These varieties have been specially selected because they are reliable, super productive and our wild creatures love them. The bonus is that they all complement each other either growing in your garden or as a bunch of cut flowers. Imagine being able to cut buckets of these flowers from your own garden... heaven!

There's plenty of seeds in each packet to make at least two sowings. Each collection contains seeds for these specific plants:

  • Ammi majus
  • Anethum Mariska
  • Orlaya grandiflora
  • Nigella 'Oxford Blue'
  • Daucus carota 'Dara'
  • Nigella hispanica
  • Ammi visnaga
  • Bupleurum grifithii
  • Daucus carota

These are all brilliant plants for Summer blooms. This special collection of lacy fillers will bloom from May/June until September/October. They are very hardy and easy to grow. What's more they are super productive giving you a lovely show in the garden and plenty of nectar for visiting pollinators and masses of lovely flowers for cutting too.

Genus Lacy Fillers Seed Collection
Variety 9 Packets of Seeds: Ammi majus, Anethum Mariska, Orlaya grandiflora, Nigella 'Oxford Blue', Daucus carota 'Dara', Nigella hispanica, Ammi visnaga, Bupleurum grifithii, Daucus carota

Plant Type Hardy Annuals
Height & Spread Various ranging from Nigella at 45/60cm to Ammi at 1.2m
Sow Seeds Sow direct in autumn or in spring from March onwards. You can also start seeds off indoors in January/February then plant out when your young plants are well established and the ground is warm.
Plant Out Move indoor grown plants to their flowering position in April/May then allow them to grow on ready for flowering. Provide support for the taller varieties in this collection (netting stretched horizontally is ideal)
Conditions Required Like most annual flowers this collection prefers a sunny spot. Water thoroughly once a week in dry spells for maximum nectar production, keep picking and deadheading and feed each week to keep the flowers going.
Flower Production Blooms in shades of white, lime green and blue produced from May/June to September/October.
Picking Pick early in the morning or in the cool evening and stand flowers in deep water for a few hours before arranging. As cut flowers these will last up to 5 to 7 days in a vase.
Planting Combinations This Lacy Filler Seed Collection contains some of the best flowers that you can grow. You will be amazed at how many blooms are produced for cutting. These varieties have been specially selected to complement each other either growing in your garden or as cut flowers. They will also grow beautifully with the Early Annual Flowers Collection and the Long Flowering Annuals Collection..
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