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In this shop you will find flower seeds for your garden, for cut flowers and for wildlife. I have grown these flowers myself then selected the best, most beautiful and easiest plants for you to grow. To find out more about a plant just click on the images below to open the page and read more about how to grow them.

Seeds to sow in May.

There are lots of lovely Hardy Annual Seeds to sow in April. They are beautiful in your garden, excellent for wildlife and brilliant for cut flowers too.

May is the month to sow Half Hardy Annuals too.  Cosmos Antirrhinum (Snapdragons) Rudbeckia and Cleome can all be sown now.


Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy'


Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy' 00363
Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy' Seeds

Leucanthemum or Chrysanthemums as they are commonly known are some of our most beautiful and popular summer flowers. Crazy Daisy is a lovely perennial plant which produces rosettes of dark green leaves with tall stems topped by large white fluffy daisy-like flowers. Blooms are are large with yellow centres which attract Butterflies and Bees. Many of the flowers are double, some are semi-double. All have quill-like petals which give the fluffy look.

Lovely for cottage gardens and formal borders in more manicured gardens, Crazy Daisies flower from May until August or September. They love sun and dappled shade. They grow beautifully with grasses, geranium, achillea and other summer flowering perennials.

Leucanthemum Crazy Daisy jolly useful in the garden and is an excellent, long lasting cut flower. Grow in full sun with some dappled shade and well drained soil for best results.

GenusLeucanthemum x superbum

Common nameChrysanthemum Crazy Daisy, Crazy Daisies, Shasta Daisy
Plant TypeHardy Perennial. Cut Flower.
Height & Spread60-75cm (2-2.5 feet) tall x 30cm (1 foot) spread
Sow SeedsSow seeds January to June. Cover lightly with vermiculite. Germination takes around 2 weeks at 15°C to 20 °C.
Alternatively sow in autumn for flowers the following year.
Thin/Plant OutAllow a minimum space of 30cm per plant. Plant in small group to form a distinctive clump.
Conditions RequiredLeucanthemum love well drained soil and don't like to be wet all winter long. They prefer a site with plenty of sunshine and some dappled shade too. A cold spell of several weeks encourages flower production.
Flower ProductionBlooms are produced from May until August/September. Keep cutting to encourage more flowers. Once flowering is over cut the plants back and mulch around them with organic matter to feed them ready for next year. Divide the plants once every 3 years.
PickingCut flowers regularly and dead-head to make sure that your plants continue to produce new blooms. When cutting place the cut flowers into a tall bucket of clean water. Allow to rest overnight before arranging. Lasts at least 7 days as a cut flower. (Don't use too many in one vase as their scent can be overpowering!)
Planting CombinationsCrazy Daisies are great in the cutting garden and in borders grow particularly well with roses, grasses, Geranium, Achillea and other summer flowering perennials.

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