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Nigella hispanica

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Nigella hispanica Seeds

A striking hardy annual with fine feathery foliage and deep blue to purple flowers with dark red stamens followed by crimson seed pods. Commonly known as Love in a Mist the flowers, foliage and seed pods of Nigella are all beautiful and useful for cutting. Sow outdoors in spring for summer flowers then sow again in autumn. For early flowers next year sow outdoors August -September or under cover in October.

GenusNigella hispanica
Common NameLove-in-a-mist
Plant TypeHardy Annual
Height and Spread45-60 cm x 30 (18-24 inches tall x 12 inches)
Sow SeedsSow outdoors in August/September then again in March,April and May.
Seedlings resent root disturbance and don't transplant well.
Thin/Plant OutAllow 20/30cm (8/12 inches) between plants.
Conditions RequiredPrefers well drained soil in full sun. Nigella is one of the shorter annuals and looks best at the front of a bed.
Flower ProductionBeautiful deep blue/purple flowers produced from May to September if you sow in succession. Takes about 12 weeks to produce flowers from a spring sowing.
PickingPick Nigella flowers and seed pods early in the morning, remove some of the leaves and stand them in deep water for a few hours before arranging. Lasts 7-10 days in a vase. Seed pods can be dried and will last indefinitely.
Planting CombinationsNigella is a classic cottage garden plant and grows well in sunny gravel gardens. It is one of the best annuals for flowers and foliage that you can grow. Grow as a filler between tall annuals such as Ammi, Cosmos and Larkspur or perennials such as Iris. Lovely with White Nigella, Orlaya and Salvia viridis 'Oxford Blue'

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