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Smyrnium perfoliatum

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Smyrnium perfoliatum Seeds

Loved by flower arrangers and gardeners alike Smyrnium is an attractive woodland edge plant. Grow on it’s own in drifts or with other spring flowering plants such as Wallflowers, Foxgloves, Forget-me-Nots, Honesty and Sweet Rocket to fully appreciate the delicate yellow blooms and lime green foliage of this special plant. Stems grow straight through the middle of the leaves in the same way as Euphorbia oblongata and Bupleurum rotundifolium.

In the wild Smyrnium are native to the Mediterranean areas of Europe where they grow in areas with sun and dappled shade, often at high altitudes. Here we treat them as woodland edge plants as they flower when Bluebells fade. In the garden they'll happily grow under deciduous trees and shrubs as long as they get plenty of sun too. Smyrnium adds a lovely relaxed feel to a garden and are particularly good for country gardens, wildlife gardens, woodland and cottage gardens.

Please note that patience is required to grow Smyrnium from seed when sowing outdoors. Patience and some growing experience is required to grow Smyrnium in pots. These are good seeds and they will grow given time and the right conditions.

Genus Smyrnium perfoliatum

Common Name Perfoliate Alexanders
Plant Type Hardy Biennial
Height & Spread 60-90cm (2-3 feet) tall x 30cm (1 foot) spread
Sow Seeds For best results sow Smyrnium seeds directly where you want them to flower. They need a cold period to germinate so an autumn sowing is ideal. If you are a skilled grower they can also be sown indoors in late winter or early spring. Pre-chill seeds first to break dormancy before sowing, then grow on at 5-12°C
Thin/Plant Out When indoor raised seedlings are large enough to handle pot up into 9cm pots taking care not to damage their brittle roots. Grow on until May when they can be planted into their flowering position. They will produce tiny plants and a small tuber in the first year then die back and flower really well in their second year. Smyrnium will self seed after flowering as long as you don't pick all the flowers!
Conditions Required Smyrnium are woodland edge plants and love well drained soil. They prefer part shade with plenty of sunshine.
Flower Production Eye catching lime foliage with yellow flowers are produced for up to two months from May/June to July.
Picking Long lasting cut flowers/foliage.
Planting Combinations Be generous if you have the space and grow Smyrnium in drifts. They also grow beautifully with other biennials such as Wallflowers, Digitalis (Foxgloves) Myosotis (Forget-me-Not) Sweet Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) and Honesty (Lunaria annua) which also enjoy the same woodland edge type conditions.

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