Autumn Leaves

autumn-leaves-thumbnailSunshine and blue sky provide the perfect backdrop to some stunning trees with brilliant autumn colours. I drive past these roadside trees often but never take much notice. They usually merge in with all the other green summer leaves so I’ve only just noticed how beautiful they are.

In autumn the green chlorophyll pigment drains out of tree leaves leaving three other pigments behind.

  • Carotene:  Orange pigment found in carrots
  • Xanthophyll: Yellow pigment found in bananas
  • Anthocyanin: Red pigment found in apples

Autumn-Colour-CollageThese three small trees had shades of orange and mellow yellow on the shady side and pink to firey red on the sunny side.Autumn-Tree-Collage



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  1. Gorgeous pictures and a great explanation – I wish I had your knowledge of plants!

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