Beautiful Spring Day

Studio-DeckIt’s been a beautiful day here in the North West of England with blue sky and sunshine all round. We’ve done some work in the garden and also made sure we took the time to sit quietly and enjoy the wildlife. Some of us had a little snooze too.


I like to sit on the deck of my garden studio and write or just think.  Today I was distracted by the birds. There’s a pair of blue tits nesting in the box we’ve fastened to the trunk of the Ash tree on my right. They are busy lining their nest with feathers and moss collected from the lawn. A pair of Great Tits are nesting close by. Occasionally they scold me for intruding on their patch. I find if I wear sunglasses I can watch them without alarming them.

Studio-Writing-Space Best of all there’s a tiny Robin nesting on my potting bench just a few feet from where I sit. I discovered it when I accidentally disturbed it yesterday. It’s made a beautiful moss lined nest inside one of my empty plant pots. I only caught a glimpse but I think I saw five or six eggs… absolutely tiny just like Cadbury Mini Easter Eggs. When I checked later I was relieved to see that the Robin had returned to incubate the eggs. I’ll try and take some photos if I can get close enough without alarming the bird.


I hope it’s lovely in your garden too. Happy Gardening   Gillian 🙂

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Spring Day

  1. How lovely to have a robin’s nest. I think we have a blackbird’s one close by as I have seen a blackbird with a beak full of worms from our front garden.

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