The Red Borders at Hidcote

A visit to Hidcote Manor Garden had me drooling over the Red Borders again this month. The entire garden is quite lovely but in September the Red Borders are the stars for me. My garden design training usually kicks in whenever I visit a garden. I find myself trying to work out what appeals to me and why. At Hidcote I lingered at both ends of the Red Borders taking it all in. Obviously colour is a big factor in their appeal to me. We all respond emotionally to colour whether we are aware of it or not. I already know that I love the warm shades of orange and vibrant red. But in this case there’s more to it.

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Cercidiphyllum japonicum Looking Good

Looking Good this week.Katsura-Portrait

We are well and truly into autumn now here in North West England.
Many things are changing in our gardens and in the wider landscape too as shorter days and cooler nights creep in. Some of our trees are beginning to change colour as their leaves lose their green pigment and vibrant shades of pink, gold and red burst into sight.

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A hint of Autumn in the Air

In my country garden early this morning there was a distinct hint of autumn in the air. Heavy dew covered all the plants with diamond drops, even those close to the house were decorated with tiny crystal jewels. The air was fresh and completely still and a light mist lingered over neighbouring fields.

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Annual and Perennial Salvias

salvia-viridis-thumbnailA patch of purple in autumn is always welcome, especially if you can cut the flowers for the house.  Salvia viridis commonly known as Clary Sage is easily grown from seed. In my garden they are usually over by the first really hard frosts which luckily haven’t arrived yet.

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Perfect Plants for Shade

Epimedium ThumbnailShade is often though of as a big problem in a garden. It can be. Especially where there is heavy shade beneath evergreen trees. But if you have deciduous trees and large shrubs casting shade in your garden it’s a different story. Many lovely spring flowering plants will grow well in those conditions.

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