Hello I’m Gillian. Welcome to my garden and welcome to Country Garden UK.

  • I believe that gardening makes you happy.
  • I believe that everyone deserves their dream garden.
  • I believe that a garden full of flowers attracts the most amazing wildlife.

But there is more to it than that I am absolutely sure.
Scientists are beginning to tell us what gardeners have known all along.

Gardening is Good for You!

Being physically active in the garden, handling plants, feeling the earth and breathing the fresh air affects your mood and can lift depression. If you want to be more creative, to see nature close up and to feel like you are making progress then spend some time in your garden or allotment.

Growing your own plants can make a real difference to your life by making you happier and healthier, especially if you harvest and eat what you grow. It can save you money too if you grow flowers for cutting. Your friends will be most impressed with a gorgeous bunch of scented flowers picked fresh from your garden.

  • Would you like to feel happier and more relaxed?
  • Do you want to be inspired and encouraged to grow something new?
  • Would you like a beautiful garden without working harder?

Then you are in the right place! I’d like to show you how to select and grow the most beautiful plants and what’s more I’ll show you the quick and easy way to get things done.