The Best Yellow Roses

I love roses. If you read my blog regularly you may already know that!
I love yellow roses in particular. We have several, all climbing the walls here.
Rosa banksii Lutea has clusters of tiny lemon flowers starting early in April.
Rosa Mermaid is an old late single rose, beautiful flowers and vicious thorns. Best of all is Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’.


This is Rosa the Pilgrim. It’s an English climbing rose with the most beautiful soft yellow flowers and delicious tea and myrrh scent.

The Pilgrim has small petals which fold and curve to create rosette shaped flowers. It has sturdy stems (even when young) which easily support heavy clusters of blooms and luxuriant mid-green leaves. The Pilgrim is tall and strong. It will grow to 240cm/8 feet tall in full sun so you can treat it as a climber or you can prune it to keep it as a shorter shrub rose. David Austin produced this rose in 1991. It’s a cross between Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’ and Rosa ‘Yellow Button’.




Here is Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’ as a cut flower with Marigolds and Black Cornflowers. I love to add something a bit zingy to my cut flowers. It could be a flower with unusual contrasting colour such as the black cornflower here. Or it could be some lime green foliage such as Alchemilla mollis. In my view you can never grow enough Alchemilla! The foliage used here is Alchemilla, Ammi, Mint and Oregano.


Which is your favourite rose?      Gillian 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Best Yellow Roses

  1. Thanks for that info, I am a yellow rose girl as well, I have Graham Thomas, Gold Bunny & Freisa only 3 I was thinking of getting 2 more for a block and yours looks like a pale yellow so I could have an ombre look.

  2. I love The Pilgrim. I recently saw it grown up pillars in Mottisfont Gardens. Glorious. I’m a rose lover too but I like the more showy, in your face colours like reds and purples

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