Looking Good 17th June

It’s early summer and here’s the reward for all your planning. June is the time that most gardens start to pump up the flower production. It’s that heady combination of warmth coupled with plenty of moisture in the earth which means the garden is bursting into life with colourful flowers.

This week I’ve cut buckets full of beautiful blooms and all of them give me that country garden style. Here are Clematis, Roses, Nepeta and Geraniums with Ox-Eye Daisies and Feverfew. They are all easy to grow and super productive which is just the way I like it!


I’m growing flowers for cutting but it’s not just the flowers that are looking good. There are grasses and Allium seed heads and some plants which I grow specifically for foliage and they are also producing lovely long stems now too. The bucket of yellow foliage is Euphorbia oblongata which has overwintered in one of my cutting beds. There’s a variegated Applemint in the Clematis bucket and some plain green Mint in the Nepeta bucket.


The photo below show just one stem of Euphoria oblongata. It’s an amazing hardy plant I grew from seed. Just six to ten plants will give you masses of stems.


Does your garden need a boost? If your garden is lacking a few flowering plants or even foliage this month you can soon put that right with a trip to a plant nursery. They will have all the early summer flowering perennials and roses available for sale right now. That can be expensive if you need a trolley full of plants to boost your borders. If you would rather produce your own plants (and save some money!) then you can easily do that too this month. Take softwood cuttings of perennials (eg:nepeta) herbs (eg: mint) and shrubs (eg: lilac) or sow some seeds of the lovely plants you want to see in your own garden this time next year.


It’s easy to grow your own plants. Taking cuttings or sowing seeds is simple if you know how… just let me know if you want some guidelines/photos showing how to propagate specific plants and I’ll try and help you out.

Are you joining in with Looking Good today? You can include anything garden related… fruit and veg, recipes, flowers, foliage, your local parks and allotments, garden wildlife and so on. Just comment on this post and add your link to your post which should include a link to this post. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going on in your area.

Have a lovely day and Happy Gardening! Gillian 😉



19 thoughts on “Looking Good 17th June

  1. You have created a stunningly beautiful garden. I love everything you picked but I’m envious of the Euphorbia. I made two sowings and not one germinated! They were from Sarah Raven do should have been good seed.

  2. What a gorgeous gallery and what an inspiring post, beautiful home grown flowers knock the socks off shop-bought any day. In the wake of yet another rain storm I’ve come in with armfuls of fragrant peonies and roses that would spoil if left, the house smalles like a florists!

    1. Thanks very much for your comment , for joining in with Looking Good and for your question re Honeysuckle. I’m writing something up for you … just need a few more photos to illustrate.

      1. Great! You’re a star. Love the smell of honeysuckle in the evenings here. There’s so much of it rambling in ditches along the road, I’d love to try and grow some along my hedges.

  3. Some truly beautiful plants and flowers Gillian! I think that the mauve/white/lime green combination is my all time favorite combination!

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