Looking Good 1st April

It’s raining and grey here in our garden today and there’s not much looking really good in these conditions. Besides I’d rather stay warm and dry inside than take photos outdoors in this downpour! So for a change I thought that you might like to see some of the pictures I took at Petersham Nurseries last week. Now that was Looking Good!


Plants and products for sale are arranged in a most attractive and characterful way with huge antique mirrors, chandeliers, distressed tables, wardrobes and cupboards. Everything is for sale. There’s a cafe and restaurant on site and they are also arranged in the same style with flowers on the tables and quirky settings.




It’s certainly one of the most interesting plant nurseries that we’ve been to with both indoor and outdoor plants beautifully arranged.
So if you are planning a trip to London… Petersham is in the Richmond area and it’s well worth a short detour. Here’s the full address and postcode.

Petersham Nurseries
Church Lane (signed posted ‘St Peter’s Church’)
Off Petersham Road
Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7AB

You may also wish to have a look at the Petersham Nurseries Gallery which has gorgeous pictures taken in all seasons. If you can’t make the trip to the nursery they have a shop on their website too.

What’s looking good in your garden or neighbourhood this week?
Happy Gardening! Gillian 🙂




16 thoughts on “Looking Good 1st April

  1. Oh Gillian I could spend weeks in there! Is that place magical or what? I hope I win the lottery because I know where I would spend the money! A cottage and a garden in the UK! Do you get to that nursery on a regular basis? It looks huge! I liked the wagon display and the planter that looks like it is on bicycle wheels In the summer area online. And all those beautiful pots!!!!

    1. Yes it is magical Cady. It doesn’t seem huge on site…quite intimate and welcoming in fact. I think it’s well planned and interesting with distinct areas for the shop, plant displays, cutting garden and cafe. We don’t visit very often because we are hundreds of miles north of Petersham but when we do venture down south it’s on our list!

      1. Oh I may try to stop by there in June! I will have to look on the map and see my route to St Ives! I can’t remember which road I am taking there! Haven’t started my in depth planning yet!

  2. That looks like a gorgeous nursery. I’d almost feel the need to dress up for a garden party to go shopping! Beautiful pictures, too.

    I should always shop with no space in the car; that might keep me under control a bit.

  3. What an interesting nursery and shop! It looks like it would take a long time to browse all the interesting items.

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