New Flower Seed Collections

New Flower Seed Collections.

There are three exciting new listings for Lucky Dip packages filled with Country Garden Seeds.
Each surprise package may include seeds from any of the following categories:

  • Hardy Annuals
  • Half Hardy Annuals
  • Sweet Peas and Climbers

Please note that every Lucky Dip surprise package is totally unique and no two will contain the same seeds…

Lucky Dip Seed Collections are available in Small, Medium & Large

Lucky Dips give you an amazing saving on flower seeds and are a great way of getting more for your money.

Small Lucky Dip contains 6 packets of seeds worth £12-£15.   Price £6.

Medium Lucky Dip contains 12 packets of seeds worth £24-£30. Price £12.

Large Lucky Dip contains 18 packets of seeds worth £36-£42. Price £18.

Each surprise package makes a brilliant birthday present or ‘thinking of you’ gift… or even a little treat for yourself. You’ll find them in the SHOP in the SEED COLLECTIONS category.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, following me on Instagram, buying seeds from me and sending lovely messages.
I appreciate you very much!


Wishing you a very happy day!  Love Gillian x

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