New Homes


New Homes ThumbnailThe RSPB stand at the Gardeners World Live Exhibition at the NEC last week was brilliant. They always aim to be educational and inspirational and this year they excelled. They showed how easy it is to create homes for wildlife in your own garden.

First you need a framework. All you need is a sturdy box or some old pallets if you have plenty of room. Then simply stack organic items like twigs, logs, bamboo canes, pine cones, straw and slate chips, plus man made products such as drain pipes, rope, bricks and tiles into each compartment leaving gaps for creatures to crawl into to hide.

Homes for Wildlife Collage

Don’t worry if you can’t find a great variety of material. Just keep it simple. It looks best if you cluster similar things together as you can see from the photos.

I’m feeling creative so I’m going to gather up some materials lying around the garden and have a go at building another one of these lovely wildlife homes.

Gillian 🙂