Not so mellow September

IMG_6996There are vibrant colours in the garden this month. Bright pinks and deep golden yellows and every shade of orange and red. Orange is not popular I know.
It’s too common some people say.
But I love it.
It makes me feel glad to be alive.

September in the UK is known as the month of mists and mellow fruitfulness. There’s plenty of fruit about that’s true. But when the sun shines and beautiful flowers continue to bloom it’s hard to imagine that we are coming to the end of the season.

Here are three of my favourite things:
Orange flowers… in this case Helenium, Sunshine and a Bee!
Heleniums are perfect for country style gardens and great for beneficial insects too.

Helenium September

I’m making the most of them all whilst the good weather lasts.
Gillian 🙂