Pink Roses for June

June is THE month for roses and there are some lovely pale pink roses blooming this month.

Rosa ‘Paul’s Himalayan Musk’ is a rambling rose growing through the Oak Tree in front of my garden studio.


There are a couple of shrub roses too in the Summer Border. I am sorry to say I have lost track of their names although I distinctly remember writing them on a plan of the border and tucking it away somewhere safe!


I particularly love the rose below which is laden with blooms each year.


Love GillianThere’s nothing quite like the scent of roses to take me back to the summers of my childhood. Gaggles of giggling children performed puppet shows and plays for patient adults, we made dens and stayed outside for hours until we were hauled inside for hot baths and of course we developed our own range of perfume from fallen petals.

Do roses bring back memories for you?

I’m linking with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden today for In a Vase on Monday.

22 thoughts on “Pink Roses for June

  1. Gillian my heart skipped a beat when I saw your pale pink roses and so many! My roses are just starting and many are struggling with our crazy weather….but i love each and every one!

    1. Thanks very much Donna. I cut them from a well established shrub rose which is weighed down with flowers. We have had some rain but lots of warm dry days which they seem to love. I hope your weather inproves so you get a nice show of roses.

  2. Wowee – those gorgeous roses crammed with crumpled petals in such a delicious shade of pink! 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous. My PHM was new to me in the autumn and is beginning to stretch itself out a little but I don’t know if it will flower at all this year – thanks for showing me yours

    1. I’m happy you like them Cathy. Roses can take a couple of years to settle in before flowering. Worth waiting for though!

      1. Oh indeed 🙂 In the meantime my last autumn purchase of Crown Princess Margareta is just beginning to flower – hurrah!

  3. What a profusion of roses! Roses are spring flowers here – our summers are too hot for them (especially this year). Unfortunately, my childhood memories of summer usually involve hunkering inside trying to stay cool. I grew up in one of Southern California’s inland valleys, which get even hotter than my present coastal location.

    1. Yes… Roses blooming everywhere this month as usual! It’s funny how we long for more warmth and you try to stay cool! I wonder which place has the perfect climate?

  4. Luscious roses Gillian – and that tin/pewter jug is stunning – there’s a gorgeous engraved pattern on it. I have wonderful memories of my grandad’s roses – he grew only HTs, but they were always on the dining room table. My roses are not too hot this year (literally!), so nice to enjoy yours!

    1. Thanks very much Cathy. I’m happy you like them. I hope your roses perk up for next year. I think they sometimes have a little ‘rest’ year when they don’t perform as well as usual. Probably related to temperature/water/weather?

      1. Or to torrential rain in our case! The once flowering roses didn’t stand much of a chance, but the repeaters should recover and the growth has been good.

  5. You’ve given added inspiration to add roses to my new garden design (will it ever be done??!). Roses, for the most part, aren’t big bloomers until July, here. They are worth the wait. Yours are fantastic!

  6. Your roses are so lovely….pale pink shows up so well in indoors arrangements. When you asked what memories roses brought Gillian, so many came flooding in. One from a warm sunny day a few years back was my preserve using my red Etoile de Holland rose petals…potting the aroma of rose scent for the winter months…delicious.

    1. Ooooh! That sound amazing Noelle. It’s funny how some scents trigger the memories. I’m sure there must be a scientific explanation for it rather than just a longing for the past.

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