Spring is in full swing and the garden is lush and full of life. The Bluebells are out and Cherry trees are in full bloom.


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The Top Ten Things to do in your Garden in May


1) Sow flower seeds. Sow some more Sweet Peas plus your favourite HARDY ANNUALS such as Scabious, Larkspur and Poppies. Sow HALF HARDY ANNUALS such as Cosmos , Sunflowers and Zinnias then you’ll have flowers until the end of October. Towards the end of the month sow HARDY BIENNIALS like Forget-me-not, Foxgloves, Wallflowers and Sweet William when the soil is warm. They will flower beautifully for you next Spring. Sow seeds of PERENNIALS such as Achillea, Lathyrus and Verbena.

2) Carry on sowing summer vegetable, herbs and salad seeds indoors in modules and outdoors too if the soil has warmed up. Choose your favourite Lettuce, Beans, Peas, Carrots and Corgettes and sow thinly saving some seed to sow next month .

3) Sow winter vegetables now as they require a long growing season. Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli can be sown in modules inside or outside in the veg plot.


4) Cut back and divide early spring flowering perennials such as Primula, Pulmonaria, and Aubretia after flowering. Replant then feed and water well.  Fresh new growth will soon appear.

5) Prune early flowering shrubs and climbers immediately after flowering to encourage new growth and plenty of flowers next spring.

6) Trim Box hedges and topiary… watch out for birds nests.

7) Take softwood cuttings of shrubs. At this time of year they will root in about six weeks.

8) Provide support for plants. Tall perennials need plant hoops or twiggy sticks to help support their stems and foliage now. Plants with heavy flower heads such as Peonies need more attention than most. Tie in climbers to netting or trellis. Both perennial climbers such as Roses, Vines, and Clematis and annual climbers such as Sweet Peas and Beans need attention.

9) Harden off and plant out young plants you have grown under cover such as vegetables, salad and flowers for cutting. If you haven’t sown any yet there’s still time or you can buy young plants from specialist growers, garden centres and nurseries. Keep the area free from weeds, provide support if necessary and drench the veg plot with dilute liquid seaweed feed to promote good growth and crops.


10) Update planting in containers. If you like seasonal plants in your patio pots it’s time for a change. At the end of May remove spring bedding, clean pots then refill with summer bedding or tender plants. I’ve already started with my summer display with Begonias in hanging baskets and I’ve potted a few Hostas into tall containers too.

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