Duck inspired plan for 2019

It was a frosty start this morning in our Lancashire garden with wildlife tumbling in from the fields for their breakfast as usual. I nipped out in my dressing gown and wellies to take a few photos of these wild ducks. They pop in every morning for a light snack of corn followed by the all you can eat buffet in the borders consisting mainly of fat black slugs and juicy pale snails.

Do ducks have a plan for 2019? I wondered as I took the pictures. I doubt that!  These ducks just seem to be enjoying their lives to the full. So this year I’ve decided to take a leaf out of their book.

I’ve decided to have more fun every day this year. If it’s not enjoyable then I’m just not doing it! I’ll be flexing my delegation muscles so I can spend more time doing what I love. We’ll see how that goes as the year unfolds.

You can learn a lot from wild creatures and the natural world I find. So I’ve decided it’s time to really look at what’s going on around me, to observe nature and all the beautiful details through the seasons.

Like the ducks I’ll be rooting through the borders too, but I’ll be having a good clear out and sowing seeds. You may be relieved to know that for my mid-morning snack I’ll be having cake instead of slugs though.

I’m joining Tina at mygardenersays for Wildlife Wednesday (first Wednesday of the month)

What inspired your plans for 2019?