Sowing Sweet Peas in Autumn

lilac-sweet-peaOctober is a great month to sow Sweet Peas.

In fact if you sow them in October, November or December you will have much better plants and earlier flowers next year. They are easy to grow and super productive… for masses of scented flowers for cutting you can’t beat Sweet Peas! 

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Supporting Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are beautiful vigorous tall plants and climb using tendrils to cling on to their support.  Growing sweet peas is easy. To help them along when newly planted I tie them onto their canes with soft green string or little plastic coated loops. Then I leave them to get along with it. Once they are established they haul themselves up the canes or trellis with little intervention from me. Usually all I need to do is pick, pick, pick everyday once flowering begins. Sweet Peas are trouble free plants and usually all is well…

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