Gresgarth Garden

The garden at Gresgarth opens once each month and I was lucky enough to visit last Sunday. Spring is a magical time at Gresgarth. The formal gardens close to the house are lovely but best of all right now in my view is the woodland that surrounds them. Woodland gardens are at their very best in spring before the tree canopies cover the ground with shade. May is a great month to see some fantastic plants for shady spots in your garden if you fancy a spot of garden visiting.

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Narcissus Thalia

A few sunny days and plenty of rain and our Spring Garden has burst into life. I’ve deliberately kept to a simple colour palette because as you know I tend to go a bit mad with a riot of colours in our summer and autumn planting schemes. It’s quite unlike me to be tasteful so I like to make the most of it at this time of year!

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